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The new L3 Series mouldings for Indirect Lighting featured in the MODERN Collection from Orac Decor is a breathtaking new approach to modernistic architectural mouldings. These profiles were designed to play with the light and shadows in a room and can be used interchangeably with one another. The various sizes and designs create fluid movement throughout a space, drawing your eye upward to make the room seem more open. The L3 series can be used with a variety of lighting systems available from Orac Decor including:

  • CCT LED Lighting
  • RGBY Lighting

The Color Changing Temperature (CCT) LED Lighting can be used with the mouldings to create a dramatic effect in your design. Choose whichever temperature light works best for your project and install the lighting with ease. If you're looking to light your space in a particular color, then you can also use the RGBY Lighting System. It is also possible to use this lighting system in either a static or alternating mode. Not only are these new profiles beautifully designed, they are also manufactured with technology exclusive to Orac Decor. The rigid steel molds used to produce the profiles and wall decor items provides laser-sharp details, true 90 degree angles and more. These products are also manufactured from Orac Decor's signature Purotouch which ensures each piece is:

  • unaffected by climate or environment
  • lightweight
  • easily finished or painted
  • will not absorb moisture

The slender mouldings for indirect lighting offered in this new series can be stacked together to create dynamic movement in a room and also serve as sleek transitions from the floor to the ceiling. The profiles can also be used as wall accents and can be used without lighting as simple, modern trim. The L3 Linear LED Lighting Series, along with the full Orac Decor collection, are locally stocked in our facilities, making shipping and delivery faster and more cost effective for all our customers. Samples of the Orac Decor lines are available upon request.

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