orac decor adhesive

orac crown molding adhesive

Orac Decor's line of adhesives was designed to maintain the long lasting quality, durability, and beauty of its products and ensures a strong, permanent bond. These adhesives lay the foundation for the longevity and quality of adhesion and ensures a strong, permanent bond between the product and the surface it’s being mounted on. These adhesives, along with common woodworking tools, make the installation of Orac Decor, Europe’s #1 choice for interior design, products much easier.

This line of adhesives is specifically geared for particular products from the Orac Decor line. The Decofix Pro is engineered for mounting all products from the Duropolymer and Polyurethane collections and provides a strong bond between the mouldings and the surface they’re mounted on. The Decofix Hydro is also used for mounting products from the Duropolymer and Polyurethane lines, particularly in damp or humid environments. This adhesive is perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors, or anywhere else where there is a consistent change in humidity. The third adhesive from the Orac Decor line is the Decofix Extra which is used for seaming joints between mouldings in the Duropolymer and Polyurethane lines. The Decofix Extra provides a tight bond between the products being joined together, making the mouldings appear almost seamless after installation. This adhesive prevents the joints from separating over time and provides a beautiful, long lasting result.


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