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An elegant way to protect your walls, this line of baseboard mouldings from Orac Decor offers visual continuity and ornate baseboard trim for your latest project. These ornate mouldings are manufactured from a strong Duropolymer, making the baseboard trims resistant to everyday impacts from vacuums, furniture movement, and regular foot traffic. The Duropolymer also makes Orac Decor's baseboard mouldings impervious to moisture, and cleaning is quick and effortless. These baseboard moldings are perfect for your latest home renovation or new construction.

A selection of these baseboard trims are also multifunctional and can be installed as door or window surround moulding as well as panel moulding. Orac Decor also released a unique baseboard moulding, the SX171, which was designed to be installed over, and protect any preexisting moulding. This innovative design won the Smart Design Award on Intirio for 2016.

On top of the innovative products Orac Decor has designed, they also produce all of these base mouldings in steel molds, creating high quality products with stunning details. Orac Decor's baseboard trims allow for easy installation with common woodworking tools and Orac Decor's exclusive line of adhesives, designed for a strong, permanent bond. This collection of mouldings also comes from the factory primed and ready for paint or finish.

Orac Decor's baseboard mouldings come in a variety of modern, classical, and historical styles that help define each space and create a visually appealing transition from the floor to the walls. With the addition of several new baseboard styles in the last year, finding a baseboard moulding to match your home is simple and stress free.

Straight forward, ingenious and one of the easiest and most cost effective methods by which to protect your baseboards can be readily achieved by simply installing Orac Decor Base Mouldings. Noted for their uncanny ability to provide aesthetic refinement while protecting your baseboards from the day-to-day unintended impacts from vacuums, floor traffic and furniture. Orac Decor Base Mouldings subtly fuse your walls and floors so as to lessen this acknowledged hard, visual impact that can be otherwise so easily avoided.

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Multifunctional Moulding - Panel
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Multifunctional Moulding - Panel

Orac Decor, Polyurethane Multifunctional Moulding, Primed White. Length: 78-3/4", Height: 3-1/4"