orac decor corbels

Historically inspired but with a modern twist, Orac Decor’s decorative corbels will add artistry and elegance to any new construction or home renovation. Each of these decorative corbels are produced in high quality steel molds and feature beautifully engraved details, classic European design, durability, and easy installation with common woodworking tools. These pieces are also primed at the factory and ready for you to paint or finish them to match the colors and design of your space.

Orac Decor’s corbels are not only designed as elegant accent pieces but have multiple uses as wall mounted shelves or displays, brackets underneath countertops, and can also be used in archways and with fireplace mantels. And unlike their wood and metal counterparts this line of decorative corbels is impervious to water, which makes them perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

This collection of decorative corbels from Orac Decor, Europe’s #1 choice for interior design, is not only multifunctional but design friendly as well. With styles ranging from historical to contemporary, finding a corbel to fit into your design has never been easier. These pieces will add beauty and elegance to any space and will also help to increase the value of your home.

Designed not only as decorative ornamentation, but also as a sturdy support for shelving, as well as a wall mounted display upon which to showcase your cherished works of art and family heirlooms, Corbels from Orac will indiscriminately augment the beauty and refinement of any environment in which they are utilized. Unlike wood corbels or metal corbels, which are subject to either rot or rust if not finished, Orac’s decorative corbels can be used as corbels for countertops, and because of their classic designs, can be used in place of costly antique corbels.

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