Multifunctional Moulding - Crown


Orac Decor, Polyurethane Multifunctional Moulding, Primed White. Length: 78-3/4", Height: 14-5/8"

$144.88 (EA)


Designed in conjunction with Orac by internationally acclaimed designer Ulf Moritz, who has been bestowed with the honorary title of Royal Designer for Industry by the Royal Society of Arts in London for his works in textile and interior design, the Orac Decor P3071 panel moulding could have been naturally inspired by the perpetual undulating ripple effect of gentle waves cascading upon the seashore. Initially intended to be utilized as a panel moulding, Orac Decor P3071 panel moulding can be combined horizontally or vertically, imbuing the impression of fine sculpture with a noteworthy, unmistakable outline, Orac Decor P3071 panel moulding is also well suited as a cornice moulding or a decorative ceiling border. Orac Decor P3071 panel moulding is pre-primed and ready for painting or staining. Orac Decor P3071 panel moulding is not available in a flexible format.

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