Flexible Crown Moulding


Orac Decor, Duropolymer Flexible Crown Moulding, Primed White. Face: 5-1/8", Length: 78-3/4"

$81.46 (EA)


A best-seller which has been very successful for a number of years. The crown mouldings of the Axxent collection are affordable yet elegant and durable. When incorporating ornaments, keep in mind the following design principles: scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis and harmony. This profile is also available in our signature Flex style. Flex profiles are really versatile and the finish is far superior to anything one could ever achieve with timber. Especially with design being pushed to its limits these days; rounded lines, circles and curves galore, you will install those flex to your walls and ceilings without any effort at all.

Product Specifications

Face: 5-1/8"

  Installation Guide

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