Flexible Panel Moulding


Orac Decor, Polyurethane Flexible Panel Moulding, Primed White. Length: 78-3/4", Height: 2-3/8"

$39.96 (EA)


Identical to and intended to be used in conjunction with Orac Decor FC301 flexible cornice moulding, which comprises a larger, traditional design for utilization in more substantially sized rooms, Orac Decor FP7050 flexible panel moulding also complements other Orac mouldings and millwork. Appropriate for use in highly trafficked environments in which the potential for possibly damaging, inadvertent physical contact from furniture and household appliances is increased, the flexible format enables installers to easily create bend to fit radii right at the jobsite to accommodate the curvature of almost any radius application. Handles and installs with regular tools.

Product Specifications

Design Repeat:3-1/8"

  Installation Guide

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