Flexible Panel Moulding


Orac Decor, Duropolymer Flexible Panel Moulding, Primed White. Length: 78-3/4", Height: 1-5/8"

$29.43 (EA)


The soft baroque curls and minimalistic design of the PX120F meet up to integrate past and future. Not avant-garde, not antique, simply unique. This profile can be used as a baseboard cap to finish off the bottom of baseboard, especially when the floors are not even and can be used as panel moulding to create wall frames or wainscoting. The PX120F is the big brother to the PX103 and works well in conjunction with the SX118 baseboard moulding. The PX120F is also available in our signature Flex. Flex profiles are really versatile and the finish is far superior to anything one could ever achieve with timber. Especially with design being pushed to its limits these days; rounded lines, circles and curves galore, you will install those flex to your walls and ceilings without any effort at all.

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