Crown Mouldings for Indirect Lighting


Orac Decor | High Density Polyurethane Crown Moulding | Primed White | Face 5-7/8in x 78in Long. -Fits your Choice of LED Lighting. NOT INCLUDED.

$71.77 (EA)


  • Our Orac Decor crown moulding can easily enhance the current design style of any space.
  • Resistant to moisture and can be used in high humidity and damp areas, such as bathrooms or basements.
  • This moulding features one-piece construction which eliminates the need for build-up and the possibility of post construction separation or cracks.
  • Produced from Purotouch, a high-density polyurethane foam specially formulated by Orac Decor, which offers pronounced detailing and crisp, clean lines.
  • This moulding from Orac Decor can also be used indirect lighting applications as well as window valances.
  • Easily installed with Orac Decor's proprietary adhesives allowing you to cut down on cost and labor.
  • 2-3/8" High x 6-1/4" Projection x 5-7/8" Face.
  • Fits your Choice of LED Lighting. NOT INCLUDED.

Product Specifications

Face: 5-7/8"

Technical Files

  Installation Guide

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