Right Arch Panel


Orac Decor, Duropolymer Right Arch Panel, Primed White. Height: 12-5/8", Width: 25-1/4"

$43.59 (EA)


Conceived to readily provide aesthetic refinement to bookcases, shelving, alcoves and other troublesome areas, Orac Decor offers the obvious time and cost saving alternative to manually fabricated, labor intensive wood and plaster decorative arches and trims with its Library System, a series of symmetrical left and right side semi arches, complementary integral trims and corresponding architectural elements that can be interchanged and utilized in various combinations as desired to create a truly customized installation. The Orac Decor M9010R is a right side decorative semi arch that is intended to be trimmed to size as required and joined to its complementary left side decorative arch to form a full arch. Duropolymer® Collection.

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