orac decor niches

A simply classic way to embellish any wall, this select line of wall niches from Orac Decor is sure to become a beautiful focal point or accent piece in your home. These recessed mounted niches are manufactured in steel molds making every inch of detail perfectly sculpted and refined. These pieces are also made up of a polymer blend making each niche both lightweight and durable, and can be easily installed with everyday woodworking tools.

If you need a wall niche in a hurry, there’s no reason to panic. Orac Decor’s wall niches are stocked in both New Jersey and Arizona making it quick and easy for you to receive your brand new piece on time for renovations or new construction. Orac Decor’s wall niches are sold separately from their complimentary frames which allows for various design combinations to compliment your home.

These niches provide an elegant way to display family heirlooms, decorative pieces, or whatever you would like to make the focal point of the space. The recessed wall niches come with translucent shelf bases so a display light can be installed. All wall niches from Orac Decor, Europe’s #1 choice for interior design, will add tremendous value and beauty to your home without the hassle of a tricky installation.

Guaranteed to transform any ordinary, unembellished wall into an elegantly appointed, dramatic focal point, all Orac Decor Recessed Mounted Niches and their complementary frames are sold separately, allowing for numerous versatile installation combinations and come with a translucent shelf base into which a light can be installed to gently illuminate the back wall of the Niche and highlight any item to be displayed.

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