Flexible Moulding

orac decor flexible moulding

The signature flexible mouldings from Orac Décor are changing the world of interior design and architectural mouldings and allow for unique wall applications. Created by top engineers and industry designers, these flexible mouldings come in three different varieties; crown mouldings, panel mouldings, and baseboard mouldings. Just like our rigid, polyurethane versions of these mouldings, the flexible mouldings are produced in steel molds which provide a higher quality product with more defined details than other mouldings on the market.

The flexibility of the panel moulding, and baseboard mouldings allows for out of the box thinking and design that would not have been possible before and allows you to incorporate a truly unique wall application into your design. Orac Decor’s flexible mouldings are built to accept most inside, outside, and arch radii without any deformation or extra stress to the profile. These unique pieces come in manageable 6ft 6in pieces and are primed and ready for finish or paint to match your design.

Not only are the flexible mouldings easy to install and customizable, they also come in a large variety of design styles and features classic European design right here in the USA. These flexible mouldings, along with their rigid moulding counterparts, are locally stocked in both Arizona and New Jersey which reduces the amount of time consumers will wait for delivery of their products.

Achieve radii never before possible! Flexible Moulding by Orac Decor enables installers to easily create on demand, bend-to-fit radii at the time of installation to accommodate the curvature of almost any inside, outside or arch radius application without profile deformation or causing stress to the mounting surface. Orac Decor Flexible Trim, which even includes flexible crown molding and flexible baseboard, offers sharply defined details, perfect dimensions, and extremely consistent quality. With a wide range of flexible moulding concepts, Orac Decor Flexible Molding is designed to be handled and installed utilizing typical woodworking equipment, and is primed and ready for painting, glazing or faux finishing.

PLEASE NOTE: Flexible Mouldings Have Limitations To Radius That Can Be Performed. See Data Sheet For Important Information Regarding Flexible Applications.
orac flexible crown molding radius