orac decor columns

These stunning decorative columns from Orac Decor are ideal for bringing a classical or contemporary design to any space and are available as whole or half columns. These pieces also have a nice selection of mix and match plinths and capitals available, and with such a wide variety of pieces to choose from you're able to create a truly custom column that's exactly what you were looking for. Not only are these columns customizable, but they're stocked in our warehousing facilities in New Jersey and Arizona which cuts down on your shipping costs and means you receive the material when you're ready for it.

Installing elegant columns in your home has never been easier. Orac Decor's decorative columns are made of a strong polyurethane blend which makes them amazingly lightweight and easy to handle, unlike traditional wood or stone columns. These interior columns are easily installed with everyday woodworking tools and are primed and ready for paint, finish, or gel stain. These columns will add tremendous value to your home the minute they are installed.

The use of high quality steel molds during the production process creates the finely sculpted lines and elaborate details of each column that is to be expected from Orac Decor. These refined, decorative columns are not only beautiful, but also feature classic European design at a fraction of the cost of traditional solid columns.

Orac polyurethane non-structural whole and half columns, when used in conjunction with their corresponding, mix and match capitals and readily cut plinths, enable you to cost-effectively and easily create custom classical and contemporary columns from ordinary, stocked components to effect distinctive auras from various periods of history. For purposes of clarification, non-structural polyurethane columns are intended solely as decorative columns, and as a result, are not weight bearing. Appropriate for use as outdoor or interior columns, Orac polyurethane columns are also referred to as composite columns, foam columns, and even Fypon columns.

DO NOT CUT COLUMNS. All height adjustments are to be made by cutting plinth base.