Orac Purotouch®

The undisputed flagship of the Orac® line, Orac Purotouch® encompasses a full, complementary array of premium Purotouch and Duropolymer cornice, panel and chair rail mouldings, ceiling medallions, domes, flexible mouldings, cornice mouldings for indirect lighting, whole and half columns, niches, pilasters, wall light fixtures, decorations, pediments, fireplace surrounds, door and wall surrounds, pedestals and corbels.  

Inspired by popular historical, classical and even contemporary designs, Orac Purotouch® is suited for use in virtually all types of residential and commercial construction, renovation or redecoration applications.

Produced in exclusive, rigid molds that faithfully yield strikingly ornate and sharply defined details, perfect dimensions, and extremely consistent quality, Orac Purotouch® is lightweight, strong and easy to install using traditional techniques and tools. 

Primed and ready for painting, glazing or faux finishing, the deep relief design of Orac Purotouch® conveys a physical and visual texture unlike any other polymer, wood or plaster millwork available, which allows for and will endure years of repeated refinishing.

Orac Duropolymer®

In response to market demand for a more moderately priced premium quality moulding and millwork that would aesthetically satisfy the decorative requirements of those on a more reserved budget, Orac® presents Orac Duropolymer®, the cost effective alternative to more costly mouldings and millwork without compromise.

Comprising a broad collection of cornice and panel mouldings, door surrounds and plinths, Orac Duropolymer® redefines the standards for architectural moulding and millwork by now offering a new economical decorative and design medium that up until now, was never previously available.  

The Duropolymer compound from which Orac Duropolymer® is manufactured, not only provides a hard, strong surface that is ideally suited for use in highly trafficked environments in which the potential for possibly damaging, inadvertent physical contact from furniture and household appliances is increased, it is extremely lightweight, enabling Orac Duropolymer® to be easily installed using the same time-honored, traditional woodworking techniques and tools that are employed in the installation of Orac Duropolymer® as well as wood and MDF millwork.

Orac Durofoam®

Only you and your wallet will ever know how much you saved by using Orac Durofoam® cornice mouldings because they really do look expensive!  In an effort to effectively enable anyone to cost effectively purchase high quality cornice mouldings without breaking the bank, the Orac® R&D team collaborated with the Orac® Bean Counters to create and compile a great collection of cornice mouldings that exemplify the traditional theme of the Orac® premium Purotouch® Series cornice mouldings by combining their timeless, classic designs with a subtle yet extremely appealing contemporary flair for a discerning buyer who does not want to make any concessions.

Orac Flex®

Achieve radii never before possible with Orac Flex® cornice, panel and base mouldings.  Comprising a lightweight, dimensionally stable molded polymer compound, Orac Flex® cornice, panel and base mouldings offer sharply defined details, perfect dimensions, and extremely consistent quality, enabling installers to easily create "on demand" "bend to fit" radii at the time of installation to accommodate the curvature of almost any inside, outside or arch radius application without profile deformation or causing excess stress to the mounting surface.  Orac Flex® cornice, panel and base mouldings are designed to be handled and installed utilizing typical woodworking equipment and do not require priming prior to painting, glazing or faux finishing.