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This 3D wall decor is unlike any other line and will truly inspire you to design a whole new space. This line contains over 20 new elements designed by Ulf Moritz. Created by world renowned designer Ulf Moritz, this line contains new design elements that are completely customizable and multifunctional, and were specifically designed to enhance plain walls and ceilings in your home.

This 3D wall decor is unlike any other line in today’s market. The collection allows you to create 3D effects in a space while enhancing the preexisting architecture in new and unique ways. Use your imagination to create your own engaging 3D pieces of art with this one collection. The applications for these products are seemingly endless and provide a powerful new meaning for interior design.

Offering a modern spin on classic European design, this collection of 3D wall decor by Ulf Moritz opens up some uncharted territory for interior design. Not only is each piece elegant, and wonderfully detailed, but they’re also extremely lightweight and easy to install. Each element is produced in a steel mold which creates high quality products for numerous applications. This line also features select cornice mouldings with large profiles which can be used with or without lighting to create a one of a kind design in your home.

Create your own romantic garland, a perfect finishing touch in floral composition or a decorative embellishment for many Orac mouldings and millwork with supplemental Wall Decorations, Decorative Drops and Decorative Elements. Often found in more stately applications, and most frequently employed as dining room wall decor, wall decorations for living rooms and family room wall decor, this distinctive form of ornamentation can be used with an array of decorative mouldings to enhance and adapt common molding motifs to suit specific design requirements. Perfect in a variety of settings, these attractive enrichments readily enable fresh, stunning, uncharted profiles.

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