Axxent (Duropolymer)

orac décor modern collection baseboard_moulding

Orac Decor's new MODERN Collection features many new profiles and wall decor including the stylish baseboards. Two of the new baseboard styles, Highline and Diagonal, features sleek details, sharp corners, clean lines and one-piece construction making them incredibly lightweight and dimensionally stable. Orac Decor worked with renowned designer Pierre Daems to develop profiles that would engage your eye movement and actively enhance bland architecture and design in a room. The Highline Baseboards are uniquely proportionate and come in a variety of different sizes including:

  • 4-3/4"H x 5/8"P
  • 7-7/8"H x 7/8"P

The Diagonal mouldings merges technology with design and function to create a sleek profile that can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • baseboard moulding
  • panel moulding
  • wall accent
  • uplighting or downlighting a room

The perfect proportions of these baseboard mouldings are ideal for accentuating the fluid transition from floor to wall. Not only are these mouldings beautifully designed, they are also manufactured with technology exclusive to Orac Decor. The rigid steel molds used to produce the profiles and wall decor items provides laser sharp details, true 90 degree angles and more. These products are also manufactured from Orac Decor’s signature Duropolymer which ensures each piece is:
  • impact resistant
  • easily finished or painted
  • lightweight
  • unaffected by climate or environment
  • won't absorb moisture

The new baseboards from the MODERN Collection can be used along with other profiles and wall décor from the collection to create a completely unique atmosphere and design scheme. The Highline and Diagonal baseboards can also be used as wall accents and can be painted or finished to match your design needs. These mouldings, along with the full Orac Decor collection, are locally stocked in our facilities, making shipping and delivery faster and more cost effective for all our customers. Samples of the Orac Decor lines are available upon request.

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