orac decor crown moulding for indirect lighting

Orac Decor worked with top designers, such as Ulf Moritz, and engineers in the industry to create this exclusive line of crown moulding for indirect lighting. Manufactured in steel molds, these crown mouldings feature defined and sleek details, high quality, and consistent proportions in each piece. This collection captures the exquisite contemporary and modern design that Orac Decor is known for and features classic European design with a truly innovative and one of a kind style that will change the way you think about crown moulding.

Each moulding is manufactured to accept LED and fluorescent lights, allowing light to flow evenly throughout a room while also enhancing the existing architecture. Orac Decor’s crown moulding for indirect lighting also features large profiles without the hassle of a buildup, saving you much needed time and money. These mouldings are made of a strong polyurethane which, unlike traditional wood mouldings, makes them very lightweight and durable.

If you’re looking for unique and beautiful mouldings to incorporate into the design of your home Orac Decor’s crown mouldings for indirect lighting are perfect for you. They are primed in the factory and ready for a paint or finish that matches your dream design. The crown mouldings for indirect lighting can be just as easily used without lights if desired, making them adaptable to any space they’re in.

Orac Decor Crown Mouldings for Indirect Lighting are manufactured to easily accept a variety of cove moulding light fixtures to produce even, balanced light dispersion without any undesirable scalloping. Innovatively designed, Orac Decor Cornice Moldings for Indirect Lighting optimally encompass and utilize any type of incorporated lighting format to yield a subtle floating effect between itself and your walls and ceilings. Orac Decor Crown Mouldings for Indirect Lighting can also be used just as readily as a traditional Crown moulding without lighting if desired. Orac Decor Moldings are designed to be handled and installed utilizing typical woodworking equipment, and are primed and ready for painting, glazing or faux finishing.


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Indirect Lighting Moulding
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Indirect Lighting Moulding

Orac Decor, Duropolymer Indirect Lighting Moulding, Primed White. Length: 78-3/4", Height: 3-7/8"
Moulding for Indirect Lighting
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Moulding for Indirect Lighting

Orac Decor, Duropolymer Baseboard Moulding, Primed White Width: 3/4", Length: 78-3/4"