Orac Decor's flexible base mouldings allow for out of the box thinking and gives you the ability to create truly unique wall applications. The lightweight polymer is capable of moderate radii (please reference the flexible radii chart) to suit most applications. These mouldings were designed to be installed without profile deformation or causing stress to the mounting surface. Intended to complement the full line of Orac Decor mouldings & millwork, Orac Decor Flexible Base Mouldings are offered in numerous, period correct designs to suit a wide range of decor. Light, sturdy and easy to install, Orac Decor Flexible Base Mouldings not only provide added decorative refinement, they protect your walls from the day-to-day unintended impacts from vacuums, floor traffic and furniture. Straightforward, ingenious and one of the easiest and most cost effective methods by which to protect your baseboards can be readily achieved by simply installing Orac Decor flexible base mouldings.

orac flexible crown molding radius

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