orac decor panel moulding

This signature collection of panel mouldings was designed to complement Orac Decor’s full line of crown mouldings, creating a completely seamless look for your home. And just like the line of crown mouldings, Orac Decor’s panel mouldings are offered in a variety of period correct styles, ranging from historical to modern day design.

These panel mouldings are the perfect reliable and decorative protection for your walls. Manufactured in rigid steel molds, the Duropolymer and polyurethane mouldings are extremely durable and will withstand unforeseen impacts. This line of wainscoting also features ornate details and traditional wood designs without the hassle of heavy, hard to work with wood mouldings. These panel mouldings are lightweight and can be easily installed with common woodworking tools and Orac Decor’s exclusive line of adhesives.

As of 2016 select Duropolymer styles from Orac Decor’s collection of panel mouldings are also available in their signature flexible mouldings, making them perfect for curved walls, doorways, and ceilings. These mouldings also won’t contract or expand with changes in humidity. This opens up a whole new area of design for a space that would not be possible with traditional wood mouldings. Orac Decor’s flexible panel mouldings and rigid panel mouldings make a great addition to any space and will add tremendous value to your home.

Intended to complement the full line of Orac Decor cornice and crown mouldings, Orac Decor panel moldings, which are also known as chair rail mouldings, are offered in numerous, period correct designs to suit a wide range of decor. Lightweight, sturdy and easy to install, Orac Decor panel mouldings not only provide added decorative refinement, they will protect your walls from the day-to-day unintended impacts from furniture.
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