orac decor door panel
This line of raised panels for doors from Orac Decor is easily installed and helps transform your design. The duropolymer door panels add classic embellishment to your home. Orac Décor’s door panels help to make smaller rooms appear larger and also adds much needed texture to any plain walls or doors in your home.

This exceptional line of door panels is produced exclusively in rigid steel mold s. These molds won’t deteriorate over time, meaning you’ll receive consistent and beautiful products with every order. The door panels are made of a strong Duropolymer making them resistant to unavoidable, everyday impacts and a great way to protect the walls of your home while also helping to increase the value.

If you’re looking for a simple way to customize the walls and doors of your home, Orac Decor’s door panels are the way to go. They offer complete customization, coming from the factory primed and ready for your choice of paint or finish. You can pick and choose which panels will look best in your home and will bring out the beauty of the preexisting architecture. Orac Decor’s luxury door panels, or wall panels, are easily installed with common woodworking tools and Orac Decor’s custom line of adhesives. These door panels are perfect for customizing your renovation or new construction and creating your own signature design.

The Orac collection of Raised Door Panels -also known as Raised Wall Panels- allows you to easily and miraculously transform ordinary, unembellished doors of all types and walls into fine, elegantly appointed surroundings at an affordable price! Produced in exclusive, rigid steel molds that faithfully yield strikingly ornate and sharply defined details, perfect dimensions and extremely consistent quality, Orac decorative door panels -also known as raised panel moulding- are not only light, strong and easy to install using traditional techniques and tools, these decorative panels for doors are primed and ready for finishing.

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