3D Ripple Wall Panel 6-1/2 feet long


Orac Decor | High Density Polyurethane | 3D Decorative Element | 3D Ripple Wall Element | Primed White | 9-7/8in H x 78-3/4in

$74.90 (EA)


WX204 RIPPLE reads like the pages of a good book. Its bevelled lines and origami-like folds are available in two proportions as the product can be used on both sides, the choice is yours. RIPPLE and TRACK are Orac Decors newest 3D Wall Covering panels, now available in Duropolymer and longer lengths for the first time to empower your walls. Perfect to cover full ceiling heights in one go or for low wainscoting in demanding environments. Only side A is primed. On side B, use two coats of final paint or apply a primer coat first, followed by the final paint.

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