orac decor ceiling domes

Classical architecture redefined, this collection of ceiling domes by Orac Decor offers multifunctional ceiling domes that can be adapted for use with LED lights. Having been manufactured in steel molds these ceiling domes feature one-piece construction, elegant European design, and seamless, clean finishes. These domes are made of a durable polyurethane and are extremely lightweight making them much easier to install then heavy, traditional ceiling domes.

Orac Decor’s ceiling domes are also multifunctional and can be effortlessly adapted for use with large statement chandeliers or other light fixtures. These domes are available as either surface mounted or recessed mounted in order to accommodate any current or new construction and can be installed with traditional woodworking tools. Depending on the space the ceiling dome will be placed in, Orac Decor offers three different sizes from 35-1/4” in diameter to 51-15/16” in diameter.

The use of any ceiling domes from this collection will enhance the architecture of the space and increase the value of your home. They are factory primed and ready for a finish or paint of your choosing and will add depth and texture to any ceiling on which they’re placed. Orac Decor’s ceiling domes also create a gorgeous focal point for any entry way or foyer adding luxury and grandeur to the design.

Featuring one-piece construction integrating Orac Decor Ceiling Domes with their peripheral trims for a seamless, clean finish, Orac Decor Ceiling Domes are available in both one step surface mounted or recessed mounted formats to accommodate the parameters of new construction and renovation applications alike. Unlike cumbersome plaster ceiling domes, which are heavy, fragile and difficult to install, Orac Decor surface and recessed mounted ceiling domes are produced of light, extremely durable polyurethane or fiberglass, enabling both formats to be readily handled and affixed using the same tools as wood. Orac Decor Ceiling Domes can be used as is to effect a spectacular aura right out of the box. However, if desired, light fixtures can also be readily installed in the ceiling domes by merely drilling through the center of the ceiling domes, enabling them to be easily adapted for use with chandeliers or other types of lighting fixtures.

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