Fireplace Surrounds

orac decor fireplace surrounds

The two decorative fireplace surrounds in the Orac Decor line are perfect for creating large focal points or accent pieces in your latest home renovation. These fireplace surrounds come in a modern and classic style and they allow you to add elegance and luxury to any design without the hassle of building a stone or wood fireplace. Although these fireplace surrounds are purely decorative and are only meant to be installed with electric fireplaces, the impact they provide in a space is not diminished at all.

These polyurethane fireplace surrounds both come in three ready to assemble pieces, drastically reducing shipping costs and making the installation of these beautiful fireplace surrounds stress free. All you need are common woodworking tools and Orac Decor’s signature line of adhesives. These fireplace surrounds also come primed from the factory and ready for gorgeous paint or finish, making them customizable to your preexisting design.

Like all Orac Decor products, these fireplace surrounds are produced in steel molds, increasing their quality and durability. You’ll also see finely sculpted details and defined lines, making these decorative fireplace surrounds second to none. If you’re looking to install quickly there is no need to worry. Orac Decor’s fireplace surrounds are stocked locally in New Jersey and Arizona and can be quickly shipped to both the East and West coasts.

Often the focal point of any room in which they are situated, Orac Decor Mantel Pieces will augment any atmosphere and comprise three ready to assemble sections that can be easily shipped via UPS. Offered in both traditional and contemporary designs, the desired elegant effect can be readily achieved. Orac Decor Mantel Pieces are purely for ornamental purposes, and can only be used in conjunction with electric fireplaces as mantel decor or a faux fireplace surround.

Please note that Orac Decor® decorative mantelpieces are purely decorative and can only be installed in combination with an electric fireplace of max. 2 to 3 kW.

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