orac decor pediments

A simple way to bring historical European design to your home, Orac Decor’s selection of pediments offers beautifully refined details without the high cost of wood or stone. This collection of door pediments was designed to be beautiful, durable, and easily installed. Each door pediment, along with the complete Orac Decor line, can be installed with everyday woodworking tools and is manufactured from a strong polymer blend. This makes each pediment incredibly lightweight and easier to handle then traditional stone or wood pediments.

These ornate door pediments from Orac Decor are stocked locally in both New Jersey and Arizona. This helps to reduce shipping costs for our clients and also allows for the material to be quickly shipped to both the East and West coasts.

As is the case with all of Orac Decor’s products, these door pediments are produced in steel molds giving each one the deeply sculpted, ornate detail you would find in traditional wood or stone pediments. These door pediments are an excellent way to accent doorways, windows, hallways, and interior archways in your home and adds grace and elegance to any design. Each piece is factory primed and ready for the paint, finish or gel stain you see fit. These gorgeous pediments from Orac Decor, Europe’s #1 choice for interior design, will add tremendous value to your home immediately after installation.

Designed to complement single doors and windows, Orac Pediments offer a variety of unique design and decorative accents to suit the intended décor of any room. Orac Decor Pediments are a simple and cost effective manner in which to easily freshen up staid door and window trim.

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Orac Decor, Polyurethane Pediment, Primed White. Width: 48-7/8", Height: 9-7/8"
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Orac Decor, Polyurethane Pediment, Primed White. Width: 41-3/4", Height: 9-5/8"