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orac decor wall sconces

This collection of beautiful wall sconces from Orac Décor comes in a variety of historically accurate styles and is a classic way to add light to any space. The wall sconces will make the room feel like it has stepped back in time and gives each space a classical and historical ambiance, and come from the factory ready for a paint, finish, or glaze that matches your design. The products are also stocked in both Arizona and New Jersey, making it easier for you to receive your product on either the East or West coast.

Wall sconces are often overlooked during designing, but offer a really subtle warmth and glow to any rooms of your home. Orac Decor’s line of plastic wall sconces features ornate detailing from production in steel molds. Since steel molds won’t deteriorate with time, each wall sconce will have the same crisp details and dimensions as the last one made. Each sconce is lightweight and can be easily installed with everyday woodworking tools and Orac Decor’s exclusive line of adhesives, built for a stronger bond. This will save you more time for other installs during your construction or renovation. Finding an elegant way to add light to your home is much easier with the line of wall sconces from Orac Décor.

Available in a variety of different, period correct motifs, Orac Wall Light Sconces provide an inviting warmth and subtle ambiance to any room, and come complete with fitted light fixtures that will accept candelabra bulbs up to 60 watts. Although not novel by any means, Orac Wall Light Sconces are an ideal yet often overlooked form of lighting. However, sconces as indoor wall lighting are truly prized for their incomparable ability in which they appear to readily turn back the clock.

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